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Welcome to WanderLand.co.uk. If you have typed in a domain address (eg www.wanderland.co.uk) in the address bar above and have arrived here, then we own that domain name and can sell it to you.

We started web design and domain name accumulation in 1997, whilst students in Ireland/UK. Business was great till 2007. Then life became real again. We are now selling the remainder of our internet domain names at very reasonable prices. Most of the English names are .co.uk but some are .com, .net and .org. There are a considerable number of international domain names (IDNs), mostly .com and some .net.

Why have we dropped our prices? ... because we've moved away from the web-design & domain sales biz. We have normal jobs now but still take an overview on our persisting domain name inventory. However, we are keen to jettison most of our domain names within the next couple of years. Untill that happens, we all have to remain friends here!

We can accept payment by credit card or paypal directly, which bypasses the need for extra escrow payments. In practice however, most buyers prefer to have the security of using an independent escrow agent. Thus we do most of our sales business through www.SEDO.com (the worlds largest escrow agent). They charge 10% of the sale price so this will mean a proportionate increase in the sales price.

There are no nonsense domain names for sale. All have genuine usefullness and potential market impact.

Many .com domain names have been sold, but there remain several big hitting names for sale (probably our biggest, hence we've held on to them so far!). We still have several "brand package" deals for sale (grouped domains plus trademarks). We do still have many .co.uk domain names for sale - all now for under £1000, most under £800. We have sold over 15 such .co.uk domain names in the last 6 months. 

We will update our brochure and publish it again here, in Apr 2015.

If you have a genuine interest in buying a domain name (or just want a look at the full portfolio) then contact us at wanderland@email.com

Alternatively, many of our domain names are listed for sale at www.sedo.com - in such cases you can input an offer to buyer at that site.

The buying process is very quick, though with SEDO it can take up to 48 hours to complete. Direct sales are usually completed within 1 hour (unless after-hours (UK), in which case 12 hours may be required).

Thank you for visiting WanderLand.



POSTAL CONTACT:  Wanderland.co.uk, 34 Minnowburn Mews, Belfast, UK, BT8 8ST


Feb 2015 News: Many single Domain names sold. (SOS.com !! 2011); OK.net went for high value in May 2011; WorldPeace.net sold in 2013 for a sum well in excess of $10,000. Several high value related domains remain (clustered in brand packages).  Popular interest continues in RUDI.com (twinned with Rudi.ru & RussiaDirect.com) with bids over $30,000 for the full e-pack and trademarks. Sorry, we cannot sell the single RUDI.com name for under $29,000. With this being Rugby World Cup year, Ganline.co.uk is getting big interest and we anticipate a sale soon. Offers continue to build for codziennie.com, Aztec.mx and for Ageless.org. In the last 18 months WhichDoctor.com sold for only ($2500), BigDay.net ($1750), Blueworld.co.uk (£1250), Blackleaf.co.uk sold (£900) and Physiotec.co.uk just $900! Agreed sale for wanderland.co.uk itself has recently fallen through so its available again!